Tony Robinson with Andy Holt

Tony Robinson with Accrington Stanley chairman Andy Holt.

I have a passion for football as long as I can remember; I was born and raised in Accrington but unfortunately in 1962 when I was only eight years old Accrington Stanley resigned from the football league. When I was born I first lived on Stanley St and then when I was six we moved next door but one to where several of the Stanley players lived and most of them were Scottish. My Grandfather and my Dad use to watch Stanley at Peel Park and I took after them for my interest in football.

Tony Robinson with Billy Kee

Tony Robinson with Accrington Stanley Hall of Fame striker Billy Kee.

I was twelve when I started to watch Burnley back in the old First Division and in order to buy a junior season my Dad told me I had to get a paper round to pay for it. That’s when I learned that watching football in person was the way to go, the sounds, the sights and smells really hit home with me. I played football as a young lad for Oswaldtwistle Rovers and the highlight was when we went to Falkenberg, Sweden in an exchange program. I was described in the team booklet as “being keen as mustard” which basically means I had two left feet, problem for me I was right footed.

My interest in football took a different turn in 1970 when my family emigrated to Kingston, Ontario Canada where soccer was played by ice hockey and Canadian football players to keep in shape in the summer. When I was nineteen I was selected to play for the Kingston U21 All Star team and that was the highlight of my career.

With the advent of the internet I was then able to follow my hometown team Accrington Stanley and their rise through the lower leagues. I promised that when they returned to the Football League that I would fly over to watch the match and which was a 2-0 loss to Darlington, regardless of the score what a thrill it was to finally see my Accrington Stanley. When the club was looking to raise funds I was lucky enough to buy some shares for me and my family and now being retired I’m fortunate enough to be able to fly over every fall to catch five or six matches each season and my wife is now a diehard Stanley fan so it’s a win win.

It’s been a thrill to be able to work with and contribute to Across the Pitch about football, our joint passion. On Stanley On!!

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