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The Loughborough Dynamo Dream: Non League Team Spotlight

Loughborough Dynamo Non-League Spotlight

By Loughborough Dynamo F.C. – Loughborough Logo Loughborough is a city of about 60,000 that is tucked away in Leicestershire County, England, and is best known for its University. However, within this small college town lies an emerging powerhouse within non-league football, Loughborough Dynamo. The team was first established in 1955 by grammar school students…

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What Are The Top 5 MLS Debuts In League History: Players Ranked

In 1988, the United States was awarded the privilege of hosting the 1994 World Cup. Part of the conditions for getting to host the revered tournament was that the United States Soccer Federation would create a division one professional soccer league. In 1995 Major League Soccer was unveiled to the American public and officially began…

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The Sounds of the Phoenix Rising Home Opener

The first thing you hears as you walk towards the ground, across the gravel concourse with several thousand other football fans in this starved soccer town – is the distant beating drums. That constant rhythm is provided by the competing drums of the two Phoenix Rising supporters’ groups down the far end of the newly…

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