Premier League Table

Championship League Table

Glossary Of English Association Football Tables

  • Tables - commonly referred to as Standings in American sports is a table of each teams record and important statistics
  • GP - Games Played
  • W - Wins
  • D - Draw (commonly referred to as tie in American sports)
  • L - Losses
  • GF - Goals For (Goals Scored)
  • GA - Goals Against (Opponents Goals Scored)
  • GD - Goal Differential (commonly referred to as Plus/Minus Ration in American sports, especially ice hockey)
  • Pts - Points (each team is awarded 3 points per win, 1 point is awarded per draw, and 0 points per loss. English Football Clubs (Soccer Teams) are ranked by total points with Goal Differential serving as the first tie-breaker.

League One Table

League Two Table