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Phil Kennedy

Phil Kennedy - Co-Founder of Across The Pitch, Co-Founder And President of Official Accrington Stanley Club Of North America

Across The Pitch (ATP) is Accrington Stanley's Official International Podcast and the brand behind the brand new Accrington Stanley Trading Cards team set. Founded in 2018, and hosted by Phil Kennedy, Tony Robinson, and Darren Woodhead. ATP is the longest running Accrington Stanley centric podcast on the web, and is the only one that is geared towards an international audience.

Phil, from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A., founded ATP in 2018, and since has gone on to become the Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Trusts's (O.A.S.S.T.) "International Embassador", and is also the founder of the Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club of North America (OASSCNA).In 2021, Phil expanded the ATP brand to include the Accrington Stanley trading cards with the help of O.A.S.S.T. Chairman Peter Leatham and Scott Dawson Advertising, to create the inaugural 2020-21 Accrinton Stanley team set that is sold on this website.

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Tony and Darren under Across The Pitch Sign at WHAM Stadium

Tony Robinson Is The Co-Host Of Across The Pitch And Co-Founder Of Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club Of North America (Canadian President). Darren Woodhead Is Behind The Across The Pitch Veteran Series And Prolific Author And Team Historian Including His Master Work, 50 Years Of Accrington Stanley.

Darren Woodhead is Accrington Stanley's most prolific author and historian, and a board member with O.A.S.S.T.. Darren's 7th, and latest book, My Football Life, is due out in July, and is a collection of stories relating to how all of the most important events in his life have somehow related back to football. His most recent book, 50 Years of Accrington Stanley, which came out in 2019 is the most complete history of the club ever written. Darren is also the founder of the Accrington Stanley Memories Facebook page, which boast of 1500 members and is the largest independent Stanley specific group on Facebook. Darren's "Legends Series", which has brought many of the most important players, coaches, and other important figures from Accy history is by far the most popular series on ATP.

Tony Robinson from Ontario, Canada, is vice president of OASSCNA, and was born in Accrington, and even lived on the famous Stanley Street the team is named after as a youth. Tony joined the ATP staff full time in 2020, and is the primary co-host on the "Accrington Stanley Current Player Interview Series". In 2021 Tony has also taken over full time duty of running the ATP and OASSCNA Facebook and Twitter pages. Tony is also the man behind "The World Famous Rapid Fire", which has become the most popular segment on ATP.

Since ATP's first interview with midfielder Scott Brown in November of 2018, the show has gone on to interview nearing 100 different players, coaches, supporters, and staff members from the club. This impressive list includes Owner Andy Holt, Manager John Coleman, Coach Jimmy Bell, Captain Seamus Conneely, and legends like Brett Ormerod, Paul Mullin, and Andy Proctor just to name a few. In addition to OASSCNA, ATP has also been instrumental in the founding of new supporters groups in Ghana and Australia, and as a brand, our committment is help grow the brand Accrington Stanley to be a household name on a global level.

Heading into 2023 Across The Pitch is now in its 6th season, with over 270 numbered episodes, and over 300 total releases including bonus episodes. Stay tuned for new episode weekly including interviews with current Accrington Stanley players, coaches, staff, and front office, as well as Darren's popular Veterans Series, plus much more!

2020-21 Accrington Stanley Trading Cards Team Set

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Accrington Stanley Trading Cards

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As fans from "across the pond" one of the most difficult things to find in the USA is good coverage of English football outside of the big teams. Our goal is to bring that kind of in depth coverage not only North American and global listeners, but also share our unique views with our friends in Accrington. Our goal is to bring a truly unique, and uniquely entertaining perspective on the world of association football (our preferred nomenclature). We are also looking forward to hearing questions and comments from our listeners and readers.

Email us anytime at if you have a question you would like for us to answer on the podcast, any comments about previous broadcasts, or any suggestions on what we can do to make the show better. We promise to answer you question on the air, even if you are a Stevenage supporter! Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to Across The Pitch.