Episode 226: Offseason Short - 7/1/2021

The Latest Happenings At Accrington Stanley

Phil and Tony talk about the latest things happening around Stanley including the recent release of next season's fixtures, what players are new and returning to the club, a look at the various Cup tournaments, new trading card options, and more.

Episode 225: Footballers, Canoeists & Flying Horses - 6/24/2021

Interview With Retired Accrington Footballer Bryan Pemberton

Darren, Tony & Phil chat with Bryan Pemberton who played with Accrington in the modern club's first match in 1970 against Formby Town about his footballing career, how the game has changed over the past 50 years, his life and hobbies outside of football, how he got from Accrington to Western Canada, rapid fire & more.

Episode 224 Part 2: Holty Unplugged - 6/15/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley Chairman Andy Holt

Phil and Tony focus on the future of the club in Part 2's discussion with Andy Holt, both this upcoming season and further down the road, plus listener questions, and the importance of the international fanbase to Accy. Follow Andy On Twitter @AndyhHolt

Episode 224 Part 1: Holty Unplugged - 6/11/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley Chairman Andy Holt

Phil and Tony talk to Accrington Stanley Chairman Andy Holt first about the new Accrington Stanley trading cards set, plus a look back at last season, new developments and improvements with the grounds and academy, rapid fire, and more. Follow Andy On Twitter @AndyhHolt

Episode 222 Part 2: This Round's On Me - 5/21/2021

Looking To Next Season And Favorite Episodes

Phil, Tony, and Darren look ahead to next season, and what the squad can improve on to move higher in the table, also each picks 3 favorite past episodes, a surprise story or talent from each host's past, and more.

Episode 222 Part 1: Another Round - 5/19/2021

Across The Pub Season Round Up

Phil, Tony, and Darren do a season wrap up edition of Across The Pub where they talk about the big news of the new Across The Pitch branded Accrington Stanley trading cards set, Darren's new book My Football Life, and analysis of the season that was in Part 1.

Episode 221: Mr. Postman - 5/12/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley Legend Piero Mingoia

Darren, Tony and Phil talk to Piero Mingoia, a fan favorite winger who made over 150 appearances in 3 different spells with Accrington Stanley about his football career, being a Londoner playing up north, his interest in Italian Football and blogging, rapid fire, and much more.

Episode 220: The Accy Ronaldhino - 4/24/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley Legend Mark Shirley

Darren, Tony, and Phil talk to Mark Shirley, who was one of the most prolific scorers on Accrington's teams in the early 2000's about what it was like playing for the club in the early days of the John Coleman era, other stops in his playing career, the world famous rapid fire, and much more!

Episode 219: Accy Of Central Scotland - 4/18/2021

Interview With Keith Laird

Phil and Tony speak with Keith Laird, founder of Accrington Stanley Supporters Club of Central Scotland about what lead him to supporting a team nearly 3 hours away, and why the atmosphere and common sense approach of Accy won him over from the so-called "Big Clubs".

Episode 218: Miles & Miles & Kilometers - 4/3/2021

Interview With Retired Accrington Footballer John Miles

Darren, Tony, and Phil speak with John Miles, who played for Accrington Stanley from 2007-2010 among other teams including Macclesfield Town about his playing career, going through the Liverpool academy, coaching in his post playing days, and much more.

Episode 217: Captain Morgan - 3/28/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley Midfielder David Morgan

Phil and Tony talk to David Morgan who recently joined Accrington Stanley in February, after a stint as captain at Southport. They discuss his road from Non-League Football to League One, career aspirations, what excited him about joining Stanley, Rapid Fire, Peter's Corner & more.

Episode 216: Mr. Leftside - 3/12/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley's Cameron Burgess

Phil and Tony talk to Accrington Stanley defender Cameron Burgess about his journey that has taken him from Scotland to Australia to Accrington with stops everywhere from London to the far north of Ross County in between, plus his love of Michael Jordan, The Killers, and more!

Episode 215: Paul Of Duty - 3/9/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley's Paul Smyth

Phil and Tony talk to Paul Smyth, now on his second stint with Accrington Stanley about his football career, big goals scored for Accy back in 2019, this season so far, plus rapid fire and more!

Episode 214: Hear, Hear!!! - 3/7/2021

Interview With Former Accrington Stanley Director Frank Martindale

The Accrington Stanley Legends Series returns as Darren, Tony, and Phil speak with former Stanley Director Frank Martindale about his time with the club during the Non-League years and the early part of John Coleman and Jimmy Bell's tenure with the club.

Episode 213: The Sheriff - 3/4/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley's Michael Nottingham

Phil and Tony chat with Michael Nottingham about his unusual journey into the Football League and finally landing with Accrington Stanley after stops with Blackpool and Salford among others.

Episode 212: Clean Sheets In Lancashire - 2/21/2021

Interview With Accrington Goalkeeper Nathan Baxter

Phil and Tony chat with Nathan Baxter, goalkeeper currently on loan to Accrington Stanley from Chelsea. They talk about his youth career, previous loan spells in Yeovil and Ross County, Scotland, the season so far with Accy, Rapid Fire, Peter's Corner, and much more!

Episode 211: The Butcher Album Remix - 2/13/2021

Interview With Accrington Stanley Midfielder Matt Butcher

Phil and Tony return to ATP with an interview with Accrington Stanley midfielder Matt Butcher. They catch up with Matt since their last chat back in October, and how the season has gone so far, the outlook for the rest of the season, Peter's corner, and much more!

Episode 210: Arse 'N Ales - 11/25/2020

Arsenal Pub Chat And Beer Reviews

Phil and Arran introduce a new sub-series called Arse 'N Ales where they each review a beer each week and then chat about Arsenal pub style while enjoying said brew. This week they review last match against Leeds and look ahead to upcoming matches with Molde and Wolves.

Episode 209: Accy Week 14 Round Up - 11/23/2020

Accrington Stanley Lincoln Review, Crewe Preview

Phil and Tony talk about Accrington Stanley's 0-0 draw against Lincoln City, Sean McConville's controversial red card, and match tactics, plus a preview of Tuesday's upcoming match against Crewe Alexandra.

Episode 208: EFL League One Week 14 Round Up - 11/23/2020

Match Day 14 Recap/Match Day 15 Preview

Phil and Tony discuss all of the action from last Saturday's EFL League One matches with analysis of each match, plus a look ahead at, and predictions for Tuesday's upcoming full slate of matches.

Episode 207: A Cold Wet Tuesday Night - 11/23/2020

Interview With Retired Burnley Midfielder Phil Malley

Phil and Darren speak with retired Burnley midfielder Phil Malley about his early playing days, his time Turf Moor from 1984-1988 including his favorite matches and moments, the battle to avoid relegation in 1987, and much more.

Episode 206: Accy Week 13 Round Up - 11/20/2020

Swindon Review, Lincoln Preview

Phil and Tony review Accrington Stanley's 3-0 win at Swindon Town on Tuesday night, and look ahead to Saturday's home match against Lincoln City.

Episode 205: EFL League One Week 13 Review - 11/23/2020

What's Wrong With Oxford Plus Predictions

Phil and Tony talk about the latest news in EFL League One including What's Wrong With Oxford United, and predictions on all of Week 13's upcoming matches.

Episode 204: EFL League One Week 12 & Accrington Stanley Round Up - 11/16/2020

Week 12 Results And Reaction

Phil and Tony discuss the matches from Saturday's League One Week 12 matches, including in depth on Accrington's win at Northampton Town and a look ahead to Tuesday's match between Accy and Swindon.

Episode 203: Northampton Town vs Accrington Stanley Match Preview - 11/13/2020

Cobblers vs Reds

Phil and Tony break down Saturday's upcoming match between Accrington Stanley and Northampton town, give predictions for the weekend's other matches, and a short quiz game.

Episode 202: Quantum Footballing - 11/13/2020

Interview With Former Accrington Stanley Owner Ilyas Khan

Phil and Darren talk to former Accrington Stanley owner and global entrepreneur Ilyas Khan about his early life in Lancashire, his investments in the team from the mid-1990's until taking over as owner in 2007, the tough financial times that he helped the club navigate, and his newest venture in quantum computing.

Episode 201 Part 2: EFL League One First Quarter Review - 11/12/2020

Top 10 Teams In The Table

Phil and Tony finish up their EFL League One First Quarter Review with analysis and predictions for all of the teams currently ranked in the Top 10 in the table, plus playoff and league champion predictions.

Episode 201 Part 1: EFL League One First Quarter Review - 11/11/2020

Lincoln City Plus The Bottom 14 Teams In The Table

Phil and Tony do a review of the EFL League One season's first quarter. They are first joined by guest Matt Pearce for an in depth look at Lincoln City, and then Phil and Tony review the teams currently ranked 24th through 11th in the table. Top 10 teams coming in Part 2. Follow Matt on Twitter @MattEdwardP9