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The Ups and Downs of Promotion and Relegation

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Understanding how teams can possibly be shunted from the “major league” Possibly one of the most interesting aspects of the English professional leagues – and baffling from an American standpoint – is promotion/relegation. Put simply, each year, the three teams with the lowest points at the end of the season (in the Premier League) are…

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Accrington Stanley: Who Are They? The Team That Wouldn’t Die

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At Across The Pitch, one of our main focuses of this show is to introduce American fans to the totality of English Football. Each month we will bring you one featured team from the ranks of the EFL Championship, League One, and League Two. Our very first team for this feature, which we call “Who…

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A Game in Hand is Worth Two on the Table

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A friend of mine, who we’ll simply call “Loser Josh”, became enamored with association football a few years back. His interest has waned some, as his team of choice, Everton, is a spectacularly mundane “mid-table” candidate. Year-in, year-out. He has learned a lot about the game since and now has Arsenal as his second team,…

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Getting sacked in Association Football

Street sign with the words Time to say goodbye

Within the next few weeks in the English Premier League, you are going to hear rumors of managers being “sacked”. Although it looks like Manchester United has turned the corner with some recent success on the pitch, Manager Jose Mourinho looked like he was going to the first manager of the season to be “given…

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Welcome To Across The Pitch: An American Show About English Soccer

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Welcome to Across The Pitch, a brand new website and podcast dedicated to bringing the best coverage of English soccer to fans in the United States. Our shows and blogs will focus on all things English football. My name is Phil Kennedy and my co-host Arran Airs will be bringing you coverage on a wide…

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