Arran and Phil at OASSCNA meetup

It was a record setting day on the pitch for Accrington Stanley, as their 7-1 win over Bolton Wanderers F.C. was their largest margin of victory since a 7-0 win over Bradford City all the way back in 1955. However, over 5000 miles away, more history was being made with the first ever meet-up of the Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club of North America.

Darren Woodhead: "Seems unreal that it’s happening today, it’s groundbreaking."

after the match photoIt all took place at The Other Room Sports Bar in Glendale, Arizona. At this historic event, 11 of Accrington Stanley's biggest overseas fans gathered to watch the Accrington win via iFollow. It was a great time for all involved with plans to make this a monthly occurrence. (The December 21st match against Doncaster Rovers F.C. is tentatively scheduled for the next meet up).

Mark Harrison: "Finally a place in Phoenix to enjoy an Accrington football game with my mates. Long overdue!

The O.A.S.S.C.N.A. was founded by the hosts of the Across The Pitch podcast (Phil Kennedy, Arran Airs, and Matt Robards) with help from Mike Paolella, Edward Cunningham, and a growing by the day group of Accy faithful in the Arizona desert. They also have North America Supporter Club pins available for $2 U.S. plus shipping to any existing O.A.S.S.C. members. If you have any questions about becoming part of the club, or are interested in holding a meet-up in another state, contact Phil at If you are in Canada, the club also has a Canadian representation which is headed by Tony Robinson in New Market, Ontario (outside of Toronto).

Arran Airs: "It may have started as a lark, our support for Accrington Stanley, but it’s beyond that now. It’s great to feel a part of a team that is some 5,000 miles away! We hope that we can build upon the momentum and have more football fans stateside join us for an Accy watch in the future. I feel proud to be part of the club and support them from afar. I’m hoping to be able to see a game at the Wham! next year."

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