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Note: The following was submitted to Lincoln City supporter Matt Pearce. Matt is an avid listener of the show and loyal supporter of The Imps. On our recent Episode 51, Darren Woodhead referenced to Lincoln City as being a bit off the map, or in the sticks. Matt, a proud Lincoln resident felt a few things needed setting straight.

I disagree with your painting Lincoln as a backwater. We are sick of being told, how sweet is is that we named our city 'for' Honest Abe. People who don't know Lincoln don't know history (Brits included).

Lincoln, England Coat of Arms

By User: Henry, User:Marnanel - Own work, but fleur-de-lys by User:ℍenry from Image:Blason famille it Farnese01.svg, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia

Lincoln was first settled B.C., and we have the finest Cathedral in the world! (It spent 200 years as the world's tallest building, even taller than the Great Pyramid). Our city still incorporates a massive amount of Roman architecture in her day to day life, having
been the terminus for Ermine Street, the major Roman road from London up the east of England.

We were one of the 'five boroughs' of the Viking East Midlands, with our own mint. We became a major medieval player with the building of the cathedral and our Norman castle, commissioned by William the Conqueror, which saw key battles over the English Crown. Before the expulsion of the Jews in 1290, we housed one of the five largest Jewish populations in England, and we still have the 13th century architecture today.

We still hold an original copy of Magna Carta, a priceless movement towards democracy much revered, and often borrowed, by the US. Our cathedral library was one of two designed by Sir Christopher Wren, in the seventeenth century, and still houses contemporary chained reading desks, and priceless parchment books dating back as far as the 11th century.

People Ignore Lincoln At Their Peril, And To Their Detriment

On to the football team, we were founder members of the Football League, we are in the top three quarters of the all-time table, having been born in 1884. In the modern day, we have one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, a relatively new university that is punching well above her weight, and growing all the time. Our metropolitan area has a catchment of around 200 000, and growing. We have the best English coaching team of the last 30 years, brilliant gates, and a new ground on the horizon.

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Lincoln Castle and Cathedral square By Richard Croft, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia

Flag Of Lincoln By JimmyGuano - Own work, CC0, Wikimedia

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